For those  potentially  participating in our pain management programs, please  begin keeping some sort of  daily journal (diary). And,  in this  journal please:


1. List  daily activities  such as  exercising, house chores, cooking , laying around, yard  work, shopping, etc..


2. List  the times throughout the day that you actually are taking  your medications for  pain  control 


3. List  the location of your  painful areas   you experience throughout the day


4. Write down  pain  levels that you  experience throughout the  day/night  0-10  with the 10 being  highest


You can start the journal keeping now or immediately after your first visit with us. This is  an expectation that  we have of you, unless we say otherwise


Many of  our patients use "apps" (applications typically downloaded to  a device such as cell phone  or tablet) in order to do this quite nicely. The information  can later be sent to  our  group  in a number of ways  you may find the following links to apps useful (we do not intend to recommend any of these applications and provide these links only for you to review. Certainly there are numerous others to choose from. However,  do keep in mind that the choice of "app" needs to be one that will allow you to transfer the stored information to our group so that  we can place it in your electronic file. Transfer of  files may take place  at the time the intake forms are completed  or at the actual office visit:,,,



The purpose of the journal is to monitor  and  keep a more accurate daily account of  lifestyle and activities as they may certainly affect chronic pain cycles. This is  not a "punishment"  or  just some  extra work for you; (our healthcare team does  review these journals) we are quite serious about them. As well,  maintenance of these journals does  help to keep  some level of client and provider accountability  and responsibility  to the process of  long term management. Over the years this method  has really shown that a more thorough and effective approach  of and for management  is enabled.


The  journal   information really should be kept nearly daily


START KEEPING THE JOURNAL NOW. Please remember to  bring the journal  to each visit. It is an important  piece and  part to  your  visits with our providers . Please be sure to bring it along with  current medication(s) and  its bottles- even if the bottles are empty- to each appointment. 


Be sure to ask  any questions  that you may have about the journal, or anything   else  during  your apppointment time or via electronic or other messaging as available.