FEE Schedule 2022:

We do require all of our  guests to provide a  current (valid) photo  identification. Should be valid for the state of service. Insurance cards should be provided at initial visits and thereafter if there are any changes or deemed otherwise necessary by the group.

We do NOT accept cash, or personal check payments  for any of our clinical management visits. We do accept Visa  and Mastercard, cashiers  or corporate checks, unless we have had a negative experience with a client's associated check/account.

We utilize a secure online payment format. For patients  who  potentially have co-payments,  be sure to check your  insurance cards for the amounts. We will too be notifying our patients of any co-payment amounts or other payments that  may be required. These will be expected  to be made on-line as well.

We do accept most insurances currently. However, we are not accepting  traditional classic Medicare  Part B and Amerigroup based insurance plans at this time.

Co-payments (co-pays) are due by the time/date services are rendered. We cannot accept installment payments on co-payments



There are typically fees associated with the testing of any specimens that  we collect. Please inquire  prior to your visit with us in regards to any questions  that you may have related to these.


Initial visits:  Please contact us ahead of appointments:  start at 315.00

Follow-up visits: Please contact us ahead of appointments: start at 185.00

Video (Telemedicine consultations) -   We  will provide   consultation: 190.00  for initial session (contact us for more information including follow-up information)


Appointment cancellations (this includes new patient visits) without a confirmed 24 hour notice given (Confirmed means that we can back track the patient's contact regarding  a cancellation to the specific time the related contact was put forth to us): 80.00


Consultations (limited) online: 190.00 (please contact  our group for specifics)


Non- emergent phone calls after hours with physician: 90.00


Electrodiagnostic testing: EMG- needle only – each extremity -105.00

Nerve conduction – 105.00 per nerve tested (minimal number  of individual nerves needed will be tested)


Small fiber biopsy- always taken from  two locations:  250.00 (procedure only)- results are from outside provider and  there is a different  associated cost


Trigger point injections (simple non botox): up to 5 locations 205.00 (with botox 365.00)


Physical examination  - includes complete history  and physical examination (general) no lab work: 240.00. Any blood work, X-RAY, etc is   going to incur additional cost. We provide report to  the patient 


Family Medical Leave Act certification only - 115.00


Disability related- Physical Capacities Evaluation: 280.00 (without summary opinion); 450.00 (with summary opinion statement)

Record reviews: Beginning at 330.00  for the first hour. Rates vary  afterward depending on needs. Contact us for more information


Impairment Rating: 1500.00 (includes initial visit, examination and first 5 hours on case). Subsequent costs are 170.00 per additional clock hour


Epidural (standard fluoroscopically guided and done at our office): Cervical-360.00, Thoracic-315.00, Lumbar 305.00.

Transforaminal (fluoroscopically guided): 315.00 per level, per side.


Medial Branch block procedures: 1-2 levels  one sided/two sided Cervical 360.00/510.00, Thoracic 460.00/620.00, lumbar  or sacral 360.00/510.00

Joint  procedures: We perform a variety of these. Please  contact   for   specific details

Other  procedures such as pelvic  sciatic blocks, etc.:  We perform a variety of these sorts of procedures. Please contact  us for  specific  details


Letters to anyone which require review of records with or without  statement of current status or medical recommendation (first 3 hours time): 265.00, then 165.00 per hour afterwards

Peer  to peer engagement via phone discussions-conferences 150.00 per hour pro-rated


Note: Fees are subject to change, but will be posted  prior to any application of  any change. Payment  is required at the time of the provision of services